Prepping before you embark on your kayaking expedition is very important. You need to pack all of your safety gear as well as a change of clothes to change into when you get soaked by the water. You need to tell people where you are going in case of an emergency by providing them exact details. You also need to stay in contact with the group you are heading out with and dress according to the temperature of the water instead of what the weather is like.

One thing that you might not have thought about is food. You should try to eat as light a meal as possible before you go kayaking. This is because you will be rocking about quite a bit while you are in the boat, and this would make it quite difficult for you to truly experience a sense of comfort. If you eat a heavy meal before you head out kayaking you might even end up throwing up and this would really ruin both your experience as well as the experiences of the people that you are kayaking with.

Avoid dairy as well as all fried foods, and instead go for some nice fruits. A salad is also a great option, and carbs can be quite useful because they would give you the energy you need to exert yourself while you are in your boat. Doing this is very important because you would not want to get vomit all over your kayak!

Also, just make sure that you read an Oru Bay kayak review before you buy it. Some boats rock more than others, so if you have a sensitive stomach buy a kayak that is a little more stable and would thus make you less nauseous.