As the centuries and decades have moved forward our lifestyles have changed and with that our needs and requirements have changed quite a bit as well. The people who were alive years ago did not have quite the same problems that we did because they did things differently (which granted probably did result in different problems). However the people of the past did one thing very different and that was they would consume a lot more protein. People today consume a lot more carbs and many more tooth decaying sweets than they have ever previously consumed. This has quickened the pace of tooth decay in adults and has caused a surge in oral hygiene related diseases worldwide. Thankfully with this we have also been able to change the level of our oral health care system and have been able to provide people with better defenses for their teeth.

Of the many things that a person could get done, dental implants are also an option, albeit a last resort more than the first solution. Dental implants are titanium posts that are inserted on the inside of our gums to replicate the root of a natural tooth. This post is kept in place by being secured to the jaw bone and so remains underneath the gums at all times. Once the post has been secured to your jaw bones, a fake tooth can be attached to it that will look and feel like an actual tooth. This can be added to replace teeth that you have lost or be a replacement for a bad tooth that needs to be taken out. With the way this surgery is done it leaves the fake tooth solidly in its place and prevents any movement. You can find out more about this by going online to