A pastime for a lot of people is to record antics of their daily lives. In more technically terms this would be called making a blog. Though a popular form of blogs are indeed text and webpages, some people like to take this to the next level by making their blog with video. This video blog is then uploaded on the internet to be shared with anyone else online that would view it and just like those who share stories through their text, video bloggers or “vloggers” for short, share their stories with video.

This is a more interactive approach as it feels like the vlogger is directly talking to the viewer whereas text can’t deliver the same impact. The facial expressions of the vlogger can be portrayed in a video and hence the meaning behind the words they say can carry a more significant impact. Another perk to video blogging is the ability to add sound effects and music so that a theme can be set. Writers would have to lay a whole scenario in words before they can begin to write on what they were going to.

But vloggers can convey a situation with just the right editing. But vlogging is also more expensive. For one thing, you need a suitable camera that can record your videos. If the quality is low, it is less likely to receive attention. As such, you will want to find one of the best cameras for vlogging and one such site that can help you in that endeavour is http://cinematiclab.com/best-vlogging-camera/ who have listings of different video cameras.

Another thing about vlogging is the amount of effort that has to go into making an entertaining video. The way the video is edited can either make or break a video.