Wheelchair ramps are something that should be built in every facility in the commercial sector. People who are in wheelchairs are a part of our society and every imaginable ease should be arranged for them, especially in public places. Since getting about is difficult for such people, wheelchair ramps are a great idea which will make life easy.

The right construction of the ramps is very important because nobody wants accidents happening. For such an important job, it is necessary that professional companies should build them. Such an amazing company exists in Perth, Australia and is known as Protec Asphalt. When it comes to constructing ramps, there are some rules which are given by the local authorities which the company follows.

Even with expert companies such as Protec Asphalt, there are some things which need to be taken into consideration by the firm constructing the wheelchair ramp. We have highlighted those things down below, so have a look.


The angle at which the wheelchair ramp is built is very important because it determines the safety of the ramp. It should not be too steep or it can become dangerous.

Weather Conditions

While building the ramp, it is crucial to keep the weather condition in mind. The reason is that ramps in areas which face rainfall all the time will have more gradient as compared to areas which do not face much rainfall.


The plan of the wheelchair ramp should be set according to the surroundings of the ramp, especially when it is being built in public places. The ramp should provide a path to all the facilities in a public area.


The width of the ramp depends whether it is being built for commercial use or residential use.