Weaves offer a lot of versatility in terms of hair length, style, cut and color. You can go into a hair salon with short, natural hair and step out with waist-length, chrome colored hair without the commitment, or causing any damage to your original hair. Weaves are expensive and they require maintenance in order to prevent matting or any other problems.

However, at the same time, you also have to take care of your natural hair as well because if you neglect it at during this time, you will end up with damaged, unhealthy hair by the time your weave has to be removed.

• It is important to wash your weave as well as your natural hair. The right technique is to make the product travel down from the roots to your tips in a downward motion. You should not bunch your hair up towards your head like ball, this will causes tangles and matting in your weave and compromise the braiding of your natural hair.
• Your natural hair requires moisture and nourishment without or without the weave. This is tricky because if you have a synthetic hair weave, oils and products will cause issues. Natural hair weaves can still withstand some product. It is recommended to pour a light oil in a bottle with a nozzle and gently deal add it little by little to the scalp and be wary of the hair closures.
• Your hair also needs stimulation. You can lightly massage your scalp to provide natural oil distribution and stimulation for better absorption and for hair growth.
• Always follow your hair stylist’s guideline on when to remove the weave because prolonging the duration will only lead to matting, tangles and wonky natural hair growth by the time that you remove your weave. Consult an expert on how to best take care of your natural hair.