Each day several people get sick or injured due to which they need medical attention and this is the reason there are thousands of certified doctors and surgeons all over the world. In United States each year thousands of patients are registered for spine injuries and deformities due to the technology oriented lifestyle of this generation. Decades ago spine and back problems were not as common in younger people as it is today and the main reason is because of our sedentary lifestyle and eating habits. Many people tend to purchase ergonomic furniture and devices for their home and workplace hoping they can get rid of spine injuries or complications but it has been observed that even those people can get back pains and stiffness in late age. In US people as young as 25 year old have been registered for back surgeries and this epidemic is gradually becoming worse in the developed countries.

The people who reside in underprivileged areas are less susceptible to getting back problems due to their daily routines and their eating habits are much healthier compared to that of America’s. If you have a job or run a small business then you are a high target of getting back problems in you late 50’s and it is always better to visit an expert orthopedic or surgeon who can evaluate your current spinal status and can advise you measures to prevent late age spinal injuries as our spinal discs easily get dislocated when we get old. If you reside in New Jersey then one of the most capable and expert certified spin and orthopedic surgeon is Doctor Joshua S. Rovner, M.D. who has been practicing in NJ and NY for many years. To learn more about his services visit his website newjerseyspinesurgeon.com.