The safety and security of ourselves and our loved ones is and should always be our top priority because if your safety is compromised, you can never be at peace till you are once again secure. We all have heard stories of people around and near us getting robbed and losing a lot of valuables as well emotionally disturbing them in the process. So, you want to make sure that your security system is better and to do the best you can to make sure that you stay safe.

The locks on our doors and windows need to be changed and there are a number of reasons and incidences where you need to get your locks changed, some of which we will be mentioning down below.

  • If your locks are old fashioned and outdated, you should get them replaced because most burglars nowadays are familiar with handling and bypassing these kind of locks.
  • If your lock is a couple of years old and is rusting and/or beginning to show other signs of wear and tear, you should get it changed since they are now vulnerable.
  • If you were previously in an abusive relationship or have gotten divorced, it is recommended to change your locks immediately for your own safety.
  • If the previous tenants have moved out and in cases where your flat mate has moved out, it is strongly advised to get your locks changed regardless of whether it was on good or bad terms.
  • If there has been an incidence of a robbery in your building or an attempted break-in into your home, you should get your locks changed effective immediately.

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