Pirates have been turned into one of the biggest sensation of pop culture thanks to Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean starring Johnny Depp as the amazing Captain Jack Sparrow. While the movie has popularized the pirates among the kids so much that almost every little kid who’s seen the movie wants to have a pirate ship toy, it’s important to keep in mind that the movie doesn’t accurately represent the pirate life.

Pirate life is a lot different that you may actually know, but since not a lot of people are aware of that, we’ve decided to actually take a look at some of the interesting facts you should know about pirates. This is actually full of knowledge for people who are actually willing to know more and more about the pirates.

So, let’s take a look?

It’s Been Around For Centuries

For those who don’t know, pirates have been around for centuries; as a matter of fact, the first ever recorded incident of piracy dates back to the 14th century. When a handful of ocean raiders attacked the ships of Aegean and Mediterranean civilizations.

They Have a Strict Code of Conduct

Although several renditions show pirates as violent outlaws with no respect towards the authority, the truth maybe slightly different than what a lot of people have to come believe. Pirates have a very strict code of conduct, not just among the same factions, but as well as among other factions too. Sure, they’re still outlaws, but the fact that their code of conduct is one of the most impressive ones we have seen.

Definitely something not a lot of people know about pirates, since the media has portrayed them a lot differently than their true self, but such is the case.