If we ask our grandparents how they used to spend their day to day routine, we will end up hearing a very different narrative, especially when we compare it to our own. Of course, times have changed and it is important to keep up with it as we evolve as humans and as a specie, but, it is also necessary to be able to point out things that we feel is harming us. For example, industrialization, while it wields many advantages has also accelerated the process of global warming and burning of non-renewable fuel, and we now are facing the very prominent threat i.e. global warming.

Similarly, the amount of time we spend switching from one screen to another ends up at the cost of our own health and wellbeing. Multiple studies have found strong correlations between the amount of time spent on social media and the likelihood of it affecting our self-esteem etc. Another interesting thing to note that is that spending a few hours on our phones or laptops straight result in us either having a headache or just feeling uneasy in general.

This is where we go back to our roots i.e. go back to Mother Nature. Of course I’m not asking anyone to forsake their usual lives and choose to live in nature. However, you can spend increase the number of days or amount of time you spend outside. You can find so many activities like hiking, trekking, biking etc. If you can travel to a body of water, then kayaking can be an excellent idea, you can look up how to find kayak online on numerous sport stores. When we are out getting fresh air, away from the demands of our daily routine, we instantly feel ourselves calm down and actually relax, so once it becomes a habit, you will notice a visibly positive change in your wellbeing.