April fool’s day can still be as ridiculous as it was when you were little. All you need is a lot of new creative ideas. Well, let’s just say we are looking for something that does not destroy other people’s mind or their property and just play it safe.

April fool’s day does not mean you are open to options of hurting someone emotionally or physically. All you have to do is brainstorm ideas that are funny and yet safe.

Moving on, there are many ideas that are safe but require a lot of effort plus they have always been in the books and many are aware of them too. So you have to think harder.

A group of friends was drinking to April fool’s day ideas and they got drunk at a point where they thought that creating prank candles will be a good idea. Everyone laughed at the joke that night. Little did they know that they will actually run a company that makes these prank candles in future.

Since then, the year 2015, to be particular, prank candles have pranked many people on April fool’s day. There are many other things that are now available on their official website which you can have a look at.

To stay updated, they also have a tab dedicated to people carrying out pranks with the help of their products. These products are not just limited to April fool’s day. You can send them to your loved ones at almost any time of the year and prank them hard.

You can sign up for their promotional letter by just entering your email address and you are good to go. Every time they have discounts coming up, you will be the first one to know about it.