Pianos are one the hardest instruments in the house to shift if we consider their size, clumsy shape, and bulkiness. It’s a smart thought to get the assistance of an expert moving organization. In this article, we discuss the moving of a baby or grand piano. These baby/grand pianos weigh between 500 to 1200 hundred pounds so; in any event, you’ll require at least three men. If you wish to move it upstairs or downstairs, four men will be required for the job.

Here are steps in case you’re doing it on your own:

  1. Initially you must remove the lid and the pad wrap. Next, get rid of the pedals.
  2. Make sure you place all the hardware in the labeled bags and place them in a box for parts.
  3. Separate the Music Rack and Lyre. It is also essential to remove the piano hinges. In case, if they are not removed they could cause real harm when the piano is set on the piano board.
  4. Set the piano on top of the piano board. Once you’re done, set a clean board on top of the piano.Be very crucial with this step as two of the movers hold the weight of the piano.
  5. At this point, the person in the front must remove the third leg. Your instrument must be lowered and set on the board for the next step.
  6. You must remove all the left out legs and wrap them in a pad in order to protect them.
  7. The piano that is set on the board at this point must be wrapped too.
  8. Pad the area that you need to use to move your piano to a van and you’re good to go.

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