We all know that aerobics is a pretty good way to get in to shape and that you can tone your body pretty well if you do start doing aerobics. Many gyms offer aerobics classes and you can learn a lot about keeping your body in shape and what specific exercises to do in those classes. However, for a lot of people taking classes like this is either not something that is easily affordable or something they are not motivated to do. I can personally understand that issue because I am someone that suffers from both those problems. On a student budget I cannot pay a monthly fee for a gym membership and then another fee for classes at those gyms. Even if I could get myself to do that I still have the problem of being extremely lazy and missing out on a few classes every now and then, this can further demotivate me from getting the membership to begin with.

Now as you can see this is a bit of a cycle that I am stuck in and really the only way I could get out of it is by tricking myself in to exercising in a manner that did not require me to spend as much money. This was made easy when my friend suggested buying a trampoline together. Now a trampoline is something that I could get behind since I loved jumping around in them when I was a child and I was mostly thinking of the fun I would having jumping in it now. What I did not realize was that it would also be constant exercise whenever I would use the trampoline. We got ourselves a basketball trampoline and having been using it since with extreme changes to show for it in terms of physical fitness and stamina.