Osteoarthritis pain, even though is a type of pain which is commonly experienced by most people in their old age, is a kind of pain that can be experienced by other people of different groups as well.

It is the pain in your joints caused by the severe wear and tear and slow recovery. In older ages, after extensive usage causing wear and tear, it becomes more prominent due to the slowing of their repairing of the cartilage cushions. When your bones’ ends come in contact with each other with worn and torn cartilage cushions, the friction produces the inflammation which causes the pain.

OA in Youth
Some of the common causes of osteoarthritis in the young people can be due to injury of the joint of any sort which results in damaged cartilage cushions, wear and tear of these cushions in athletes is also possible, and obesity is also a probably cause of this chronic pain occurring in the younger population. Yes, it is more common in the elderly and the youth has an easier way of recovering from it quicker but it does not mean that it does not exist.

For the elderly, it is very important for them to stay active. If they do not, this problem can reoccur even after relieving results from physiotherapies such as osteopathy. There is a good osteopath Bondi Junction who is very experienced, catering people of all ages in Australia.

For the youth, they should still go for osteopathy but should be careful about their diet as well. For the athletes, they should regularly have checkups with not just general physicians but with specialists as well. And for obese people, they should put in more workouts of overall body along with a changed diet.