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DJ Equipment

To be a great DJ you need to have great equipment, this is a well understood rule. While we understand that an amateur with no real talent, practice, or skills cannot do anything with the best sound system in the world, it is still imperative for master DJs to have equipment that can translate their mastery in to music for the crowds who listen to them. The equipment you use are the instruments to your trade, it is what a drum set is to a drummer, you cannot work without them. It is also very necessary that the tools and equipment you have suits your needs and suits your style, regardless of its make, cost, or how new or old it is. If you are good with a certain type of equipment you should use equipment of that sort and not switch styles when you upgrade. Now one of the most difficult pieces of equipment to find that suits your needs is the DJ controller. It is arguably the most important pieces of equipment for those who mix their music with it, and it needs to suit the individual who uses them.

So if you are looking for an upgrade and do not know which controller to set on, then we have a few suggestions for you. In this article we will talk about one of the best DJ controllers you can find anywhere; the Numark Mixtrack Pro II. This DJ controller has been named amongst this year’s best DJ controllers and it is a DJs dream comes true. This controller is made is a style that most people can easily use. One of its best features is the 16 drum pads that come attached with it for creating samples, loops, and cues on the go. This is a great step up controller.

Only Thing To Do

Technology is a vast ocean in this world. There has been so much innovation and revolution in the way we as a species have done things throughout the times. Originating from the era when we would craft crude weapons with makeshift materials. Sharpening rocks and tying them together with long sticks to create the spear which we used for hunting. Technology was born from need and will continue to do so. So many activities and hardships in our lives have been outright eliminated with the gradual progression of mankind in what we now know as the modern era.

One thing our tech has always been good for is killing time. Eventually we invented ways to communicate with each other over long distances and then we invented electricity which progressed us even further into today. Now we have a Tv, cameras, phones and laptops all at our disposal and each can accomplish so many things on their own but as the times have gone on, they have slowly begun to integrate each other into their systems and the combined efforts of these inventions have been fun to play around with and take advantage of. Cameras used to be polaroid images that you would have to carefully print out in a long process but now you can take digitized images and store them on your computers or portable storage devices for the long run.

When it comes down to the news of recent technology, it’s always good to stay in the loop and learn what else is coming out. Gaming and gadgets of all sorts and their new releases are fascinating points of interest and you’ll find more on CTT about these products as well as reviews on them so that you can find the best of the best for yourself.

Helping You Pick The Best DJ Mixer

Yamaha has made a name for itself throughout the years by providing people with superb musical instruments, the company has a wide range of electronic musical devices, including DJ mixers. DJ mixers have become immensely popular ever since electronic and hip hop music came into fashion and some of the best mixers out there are made by Yamaha, the only problem with buying one of these devices it that since there are so many options out there, people can easily get confused.

When buying a DJ mixer, one has to consider several things, one of the most important being that what are your requirements and whether or not your requirements are being met by a certain product. Buying a mixer that lacks what you need can leave you unsatisfied, while at the same time, going overboard and investing in a mixer with too many features can result in you wasting your money since you won’t need all the features it has to offer. Remember to carry out proper research and identify what you’re looking for in a mixer before actually buying one.

If you plan on having a permanent setup then you can go for a large and bulky device with lots of useful tools and functions, you can also go for a smaller device if you plan on moving it around a lot but you’ll have to sacrifice a few features as well. You can find out about all the best Yamaha DJ mixers of 2017 at WhatIs180, a website that provides superb information about a variety of electronic products, their comprehensive review of DJ mixers covers all kinds’ models and is bound to help you find a mixer that will meet all of your requirements, so be sure to pay them a visit.

The Best Gift For An Artist

If you have a loved one who is an artist, getting them a gift can be quite a predicament. This is because artistic people have a different mindset from the rest of us. They tend to be very dedicated to their art, so the gift that you give them should be useful to them in this context. The problem here is that there are not that many creative things that you can get that would help an artist make art. Getting them some paintbrushes or paints is flat out boring, and you can be sure that everyone else will have had the same idea as well.

What, then, can you get your artist friend or relative that would set you apart from the crowd? One great idea would be to get them a digital drawing tablet. This would allow them to create art no matter where they are without having to worry about making a mess. It truly is a wonderful gift to give, and can help an artist keep their projects safe as well by saving them in an electronic tool rather than leaving them lying around where they could get damaged at any time.

This tool is perfect for all kinds of artists, and it can even help them in a professional capacity. Rest assured that when you buy a drawing tablet for an artist you know, you would be giving them possibly the best gift that anyone as ever given them! The place to find best digital drawing tablets is online rather than in a store because there are a lot of resources that have the latest technology and offer them at a much cheaper price because they don’t have to pay for an actual brick and mortar store.

How to Keep Your Email Account Safe And Secure?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that keeping our email account safe and secure is something that serves as a number one priority of a lot of people. Mainly because many people use emails to communicate, especially the communications that can’t be done over texts, or messages. Plus, our emails accounts contain some other important stuff as well, like emails from our banks, and other important things that can prove disastrous to say the least.

Today, we are going to take a look at some of the ways you can keep your email account safe and secure from any intruders, or malicious activity. If you want to learn more about security, we’d suggest that you head over to

With that said, let’s have a look at some of the tips you could use.

Change The Password Frequently
We’re not really asking you to change your password every day, but if you want to keep your account safe and secure for a longer period of time, we’d suggest that you do it frequently. In case you are wondering, changing it once in 3 months seems like a better idea because that way, you’ll be able to never be on the same password.

Keep The Password Stronger And Unique
Every time you change your password, try and make it unique and stronger than the previous one. One tip that you can use is to make sure that the both passwords, or all the passwords that you have changed throughout are never the same. This means that they shouldn’t even share the slightest of similarity, this is something for your own good, and will help you keep your email account safe, and without any issues or intrusions from unwanted guests that like to sneak in.

Hosting Servers

Nowadays it has become very important for a company to have an online presence of some sort. If you are a company that makes or sells products online, you need a fast and easily accessible website that is consumer friendly and allows the users to easily come in and place orders without getting lost or getting confused by any of the processes required. If you are a Business to Business company that runs on selling services or products of some sort to other companies you will need a website that can be maneuvered easily and gives off all the correct information, which should be easy to find but not all placed in one jumbled up area, to other potential customer businesses so that they can decide if they would like to work with you. You will also need to easily give contact information and proper business procedures through which you will be working. The point is that to be a successful business now, regardless of whether you serve consumers or if you serve other businesses, you need to have a strong online presence and an easily searched websites that will put your point across and give you a better chance at online Public Relations and Social Media advertisement.

However to achieve all of this you will need to have a website, a server to run the website on, and some flexible infrastructure to build the website up on. Now this can be a really expensive process to go through in some cases, especially when you have to look for servers that offer a lot of resources but are available at cheaper prices. This is where comes in. They provide cheap and easily accessible servers, that can also be customized according to certain company, out for rent in both private and cloud sharing options.

What You Should Look For in a Security System

For anyone who isn’t well versed in security, buying a security system is something that never comes easy. After all, there are several different aspects to a security system that one needs to consider, and in order to find the right one, you need to do a lot of research. Sure, security systems are expensive investments, but the good news is that they do pretty amazing protection.

If you want a security system installed for your house, check out Aust-Guard Security Services; they provide some of the best security services one could ask for, and the good thing is that they happen to have a lot of options for different budgets as well.

Now that we have everything out of the way, whenever you’re in the market for a good security system, there are some certain things that you should look for in the system. Let’s take a look at what you need to look for.

Features, Lots of Them

First things first things first, the more features a security system has, the better it will be overall. So, whenever you’re in the market looking for a security system, make sure that you are looking for features such as motion sensors, and even buzzers. The thing about security is that you can never have enough of it.

Good, High Quality Cameras

No security system will be complete without a good camera, and if you’re in the market for a good security system, then make sure that the security system at least provides you with some good, high quality cameras. Keep in mind that the cameras must have good quality because the better the quality, the better the overall monitoring. So, make sure you prioritize cameras above all for a better experience.

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Sideloading APK

One of the biggest advantages of Android is that it lets you install applications from a lot of different sources, it means that you’re not bound to the Google Play Store as there are several options that you can go for. However, the important thing to keep in mind is that it also happens to be one of the biggest weaknesses.

Now in case you are wondering, it’s considered a weakness because your device is more prone to getting malware and other malicious viruses if you sideload an application. Sure, if you’re sideloadiing something like township APK, then you’re pretty safe.

Today, we are going to take a look at some of the mistakes that you should avoid when sideloading APK; do keep in mind that it’s important to avoid these mistakes.

Going For Untrusted Websites

When it comes to installing applications from sources other than Google Play Store, there are quite a bit of options presented, however, do keep in mind that not all the options are viable. Make sure that the source is trusted, and makes sure you read some information on the source.

Believe it or not, the untrusted sources can do a lot of damage to your phone than you can actually think about.

Installing All The Hacked APKs

Another mistake a lot of Android users end up making is installing hacked or modded APKs. Sure, some of the modded files are safe to install, however, there are ones that are modified to an extent of being really dangerous for your phone. So, make sure that whenever you’re looking for a modded or hacked APK, make sure that it’s from a trusted source.

It’s really important for you to download the hacked APK from a trusted source in order to be safe.

What Sound Bar Are You Looking For? Some of The Best Picks

What kind of sound bar are you looking for? It’s clear that you want to buy one of them, and you are not alone, because this type of gadget has become insanely popular, which means that there are many persons who want to buy the very same thing.

So that’s it. In this article I will show you how to get the perfect sound bar for your budget.

A Very Tight Budget?

Are you really running in a very low budget? Then you may be looking for something like the best soundbar under 200. And don’t worry, because it exists and here you have a list of 5 good options you can buy for less than 200 bucks:

  1. LG Electronics NB3530A
  2. Samsung HW-F355
  3. BL Cinema SB100
  4. Yamaha ATS-1520BL
  5. Panasonic SCHTB70

So here you have it. 5 amazing picks that you can buy for less than $200 each. They all have a very good performance and that’s why they have been included here, because their performance is simply top of the line despite its very low price.

You Have To Be Careful:

Here you have 5 options which are proven to work very well, but if you want to expand your horizons and look for more options, then you need to be careful. But why exactly? What could go wrong? Many things, many.

You should not trust just any ad you see online. You always need to be more careful and investigate about the product on your own, that’s why you must read a plethora of reviews, so you can arrive to your own final conclusion about the product and see if it’s a good pick or not. That’s what you need to do.

Turning Your Mac Into a Ferrari: How To

We are serious. If you want to turn your Mac into a Ferrari in terms of speed, then come with us, because you are about to discover how to put it all in turbo mode. You can put it all in turbo mode if you want to, and here’s the way to do it.

You need to do this, because you cannot any single day more with this slow and poor performance which is frankly driving you insane. Can you continue going this way? Of course you cannot, because it’s driving you insane.

Time to Clean The Garage:
If your Mac is way too slow, then it may due to something pretty precise: You have not cleaned it properly. It always happen that we store file after file and we never take the time to evaluate what is necessary and what is utter junk.
If you want to make things easier for your Mac, then you need to start cleaning out those files which serve no use. You need to eliminate them as soon as possible. Otherwise, it’s never going to get better.

Optimize It:
You need to optimize it, and please read this at Mac Sumo. This app, which is known as Mackeeper, is the best one you can get. If you want to put your Mac in turbo mode, then this amazing app is going to help you quite a lot.

It optimizes your Mac automatically, you do not even have to do anything on your end. You simply go ahead, install it and done. You will be having your Mac running in turbo mode in no time. All you have to do is to use it. As simple as that.

So here you have the way to make your Mac faster.