Southeast Asian food is considered the healthiest and digestive system friendly meal a person can have. The trend of Asian food in the West has grown tremendously during past decades and people from all over the world are becoming devoted fans of it. The taste might be strange to a newbie but as your taste buds get used to Asian cuisine you would quickly become addicted to it. Their noodle or rice based dishes are much healthier compared to fast foods in the West. This is the reason Toronto is filled with Asian delicacy restaurants and people prefer this fresh form of food. Basil Box is one of those Asian restaurants that are rapidly becoming popular in Toronto.

The setup of the eatery is based on the similar concept such as the sandwich franchise known as Subway where your meal is completed step by step. This approach is preferred by many people who are health conscious and wan their food prepared in front of them. The ambiance is unique with wall paintings and pictures of Asian food streets that promote somewhat same environment. Once you decide to order you have to go through food checkpoints similar to Chipotle to complete the meal box and each box cost about $10. The boxes are carefully distributed to multiple combinations of vegetables, sauces, and proteins so each time you get something new.

Basil Box in Toronto consists of various combination of fresh veggies and protein with jasmine rice or noodles as base. Once your box is completed it gives a vibrant color and amazing smell to make your mouth water instantly. If you prefer eating at home then Foodora riders can help you with that. The food would be crisp and hot when it arrives at your doorstep.