Every time you pick up a copy of any fashion magazine, you will find at least one page that will provide you with a list of fashion dos and don’ts for you to follow ranging from tips to follow and avoid during certain weather, during formal parties, clothing trends etc. One thing you will also notice is that they feature what they feel are clothes and trends that do and do not suit certain body types.

This ranges from bulkier women not to wear form fitting clothes or crop tops etc. Similarly women with wider shoulders and smaller hips are also discouraged from wearing clothes that make that physique more obvious etc. The list keeps going. With the current revival of 90s inspired fashion, you will find that trends like mom jeans, crop tops, fishnets etc. appear to only cater to a specific body type, i.e. tall, lean women with flat stomachs etc.

So, women of different body types feel more insecure about wearing these kinds of clothes even if they really like them, just for this reason. This is a problem when we tie our self-worth and happiness to getting approval from society. What needs to be encouraged instead is for women to embrace their bodies and to follow whatever trend they feel more comfortable in. You could be into short shorts or long skirts and loose shirts etc. it doesn’t matter when you realize that you look good in them and that it is okay for you to love and embrace your body and to follow different styles and to experiment with them. So, in case you happen to be looking for clothes online, you can view these fashionable clothes and promotional discounts here in order to be able to enjoy your shopping experience even more.