A lot of people feel like arming themselves is the only way to keep themselves safe, and this is a very valid statement because we live in pretty dangerous times and if you live in a big city you are particularly at risk of a violent crime. The problem with weapons is that they are often hard to obtain and difficult to conceal, and carrying them around can make the police suspicious of you even if you have a permit and are carrying it around for self defense.

There are a few ways to get around this issue, and they involve things that you might not even have considered to be weapons before. One really useful tool that can be used as a weapon is a tactical flashlight. You may not think of a flashlight as something that can come in handy during a fight or while fending off an assailant, but that is because when we think of flashlights we tend to think of flimsy things that are only meant to provide a beam of light in one direction. Tactical flashlights are nothing like this. They are heavy, they are durable, and if you hit someone hard enough with them you can do some pretty durable damage. In fact, you can hit someone with them quite a few times and find that your flashlight would not suffer any damage at all. It is an added bonus that flashlights are easy to conceal and look innocuous so you don’t have to worry about appearing threatening.

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